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10 Free Movie Download Sites

Top 10 Free And Legal Movie Download Sites 2019

Everyone loves movies right!!

People loves to watch movies, but most of the time they were charged with a hefty sum of amount for a single movie. There are many movie download sites out there in the internet that supports pirated movie and rip the producers.

Here we are with a list of 10 movie download sites which are 100% legal and free to download. Although there are some website with region restrictions, but you can use a VPN to download the movies.

You can download Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and many other regional movies from these movie download sites.

List of Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites 

1. Internet Archive

Internet archive

The Internet Archive is a US based nonprofit digital library with the moto of “universal access to all knowledge.” It provides free public access to collections of digitized material movies/videos, moving images, public-domain books, games and software. 

There is a wide range of categorized movie collection available in this website. One can download movie from this website for free and available in direct download as well as in torrent format. This website allows its user to upload digital contents also.

2. PopcornFlix


Popcornflix is a website and over-the-top streaming service offering free ad-supported streaming video of full length movies and web shows. Popcornflix is owned by Screen Media Ventures an US based company.

The website provides thousands of free movies across multiple genera like drama, action, comedy, horror and indie. You can also stream TV shows and many web episodes. You can also download movies from this website.

3. Hotstar


Hotstar is an Indian streaming service provider owned by star India a fully owned subsidiary of Walt Disney Company. Even though there is a very high competition in streaming service market hotstar provides free movie streaming and download service to its user.

Many new and famous Bollywood movies are  available for free streaming and movie download. One can watch exclusive Indian TV shows from hotstar for Free. So hotstar is among the best site to download movies for free.

4. MoviesFoundOnline


Movies found online provides free movie download service to its user. Basically most of the copy right free content are available in this website and they actively delete all the copy right contents if terms were broken.

You can find classic movies of different genera, stand up comedies, parody movies and other documentary for free and you can download it as well.  

5. Crackle


Sony Crackle is a US-based streaming platform owned  Sony Pictures Entertainment. Crackle consists of original content as well as programs from other companies. The streaming service is available in 21 countries on connected devices including mobile, tablets, smart TVs, desktop, and gaming consoles. 

6. Open Culture

Open Culture

Open culture is an movie download site that hosted more then 1000 movies and you can download movies for free. Open culture offers high quality movies, e books, Audio books and many other learning programs. It is one of the best site to download movies online free.

7. Pluto Tv

Pluto Tv

Pluto TV comes with a traditional TV layout and it’s one of our favorite services on this list. Pluto TV offers to watch free movies online through 75+ different TV channels from different categories. 

Pluto TV has its official application for almost all popular platforms and you can enjoy the content everywhere.

8. Kanopy


Kanopy is an streaming video platform for educational purpose like public libraries and universities that offers viewers a large collection of award-winning films and documentaries. Kanopy offers a wide range of acclaimed movies and documentaries. 

Kanopy is available across the world and more importantly its free to use. One can download movies and other videos also using Kanopy. Kanoy has also a dedicated platform for kids called Kanopy Kids.

9. Retro vision


Retro vision offers movie download service from the content available in public domains. The website has different popular categories like Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Drama, and Westerns. Movie download using retro vision is very easy and has a wide collection of classics for movie loving peoples. 

10. Netflix Trail


Netflix one of the biggest streaming service across the world with more then $150 Billion market capitalization started in 1997. Netflix offers movies and original contents streaming services and has an option to download them.

During its first 30 day trail period you can download movies TV shows and other original content for free and watch them when ever you want (limited to trail period only).

Top 10 Free Movie Download Site Links

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