50 Interesting Facts About Indian Railways

Railways In India (Indian Railway)

Indian Railways is India’s national railway line operated by the Ministry of Railways.

Indian Railway the fourth largest railway network within the world by size, with a route length of 67,368 kilometre and total track length of 121,407 kilometre  as of March 2017. Routes are electrified with 25 kilovolt AC electrical traction whereas 33.3 % of them are double or multi-tracked.

Indian Railway runs over 20,000 passenger trains daily, on each long-distance and residential area routes, from 7,349 stations across India.

The trains have a five-digit listing system. Mail or express trains, the foremost common sorts, run at a mean speed of 50.6 kilometres per hour .

Most premium traveler trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi Exp run at peak speed of one hundred thirty km/h with Gatiman express between Indian capital and Agra touching peak speed of one hundred sixty km/h . within the freight section, Indian Railway runs more than 9,000 trains daily. the common speed of freight trains is around 24 kilometres per hour .

Interesting Facts about Indian Railways

Most speed of freight trains varies from 60 to 75 km/h  relying upon their shaft load with instrumentality special running at a peak speed of 100 km/h.

50 Interesting and must know facts about Indian Railways

  1. Indian Railways is that the second largest rail network in Asia and also the world’s fourth largest.
  2. The First train on Indian soil ran between Mumbai and Thane on the sixteenth of April 1853.
  3. The Indian capital railroad terminal has secured an area within the Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s largest Route Relay Interlocking System.
  4. Indian Railways is one amongst the world’s largest employers with over one.4 million folks.
  5. Indian Railways transports virtually a more than 3 Crore passengers daily.
  6. Bhopal Shatabdi categorical is that the quickest train in India,operates between Indian capital and Bhopal Junction.
  7. Dibrugarh Kanyakumari Vivek categorical the longest train route within the India.
  8. Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta railroad terminal has the longest name among all stations on the Indian railroad line.
  9. Mughalsarai Junction railroad terminal contains the biggest railway marshaling yard in Asia.
  10. Gorakhpur Junction railroad terminal has the world’s longest railway platform with length of 1,366.33 m.
  11. The Slowest train in India is that the Mettupalayam Ooty Nilgiri train.
  12. The Rajdhani categorical trains get the best priority on the Indian railway network.
  13. Kolkata railway line zone of Indian Railways can run 1,500 Km beneath water railway line in India under the Hooghly stream between Mahakaran and Howrah station.
  14. The Fairy Queen between Indian capital and Alwar in Rajasthan is that the oldest functioning external-combustion engine within the world.
  15. Trivandrum Nizamuddin Rajdhani express covers a distance of 528 kilometre while not one stop.
  16. Nilgiri Mountain Railway one track and solely rack and pinion rail system operates in India.
  17. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal is taken into account to be the foremost stunning train depot in India.
  18. Howrah is that the busiest railroad terminal within the nation train frequency of 974.
  19. Ghum railroad terminal of the Darjeeling chain Railway is that the highest railroad terminal in India.
  20. Chenab Bridge are going to be world’s tallest railway bridge beneath construction in Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir.
  21. Vembanad Rail Bridge of Kerala is that the longest rail bridge in India with the overall length of 4.62 km.
  22. The maharajah express is that the most costly luxury train in India.
  23. Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel is India’s longest railway tunnel with length of 11.215 kilometre in middle mountain range.
  24. Ib railroad terminal of Odisha has the shortest name of all stations on the Indian Railways system.
  25. Konkan Railway Train Route is that the most stunning train route of Indian Railways.
  26. The Jammu and Kashmir Railway is that the most troublesome railway line project of Indian Railways.
  27. Mumbai residential area railway is that the oldest railroad line of Asia.
  28. The city railway line is India’s initial trendy railway line and facilities with most advanced technologies.
  29. Calcutta railway line is that the initial underground railway line railroad line in India.
  30. The Indian capital railroad terminal has the world’s largest Route Relay Interlocking System.
  31. The Rail deposit in city is that the largest in Asia.
  32. Ernakulam Nizamuddin Duronto is that the longest running Duronto categorical in Indian Railways.
  33. Loco-pilots are paid quite more than a software engineer in India.
  34. If the tracks of Indian railways were to be set out, they might circle the world virtually 1.5 times.
  35. Indian Railways may be a massively eminent organization running eleven,000 train in an exceedingly day.
  36. Mathura junction has the utmost variety of routes rising from it.
  37. The Diamond crossing in Nagpur is one-of-its-kind in India, from wherever trains go East, West, North and South.
  38. Howrah-Amritsar categorical has a hundred and fifteen stops, the record most for an express train.
  39. The Guwahati Thiruvananthapuram categorical holds the record for being the foremost unreliable long-distance train on the Indian Railways network.
  40. The IRCTC (Indian Railways occupation Corporation) web site gets on the point of twelve large integer hits per minute.
  41. The railroad terminal of Navapur is constructed in a pair of states; one half it’s in geographic area and also the spouse is in Gujarat.
  42. Train services between Nagpur and Ajni, placed simply 3km apart, kind the shortest route.
  43. The Trains got bathrooms once Indian Railways completed regarding fifty years.
  44. Indian Railways features a organism – Bholu, the Guard Elephant.
  45. Indian Railways launched an awareness campaign train on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2007, referred to as the Red Ribbon express.
  46. Indian Railways has sixteen zones over a route of sixty five,808 kilometre with seven,112 stations.
  47. The noted Darjeeling toy train, that remains running on its autochthonic external-combustion engine, was designed by India’s British colonial master in 1881.
  48. World Heritage sites four Indian Railways sites and five Mountain Railways.
  49. Samjhauta express was initial international border train in India.
  50. Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Double Decker express is India’s initial double Decker train.

Locomotive Used By Indian Railway

India uses electrical and diesel locomotives, beside many CNG locomotives.Steam locomotives are not any longer in use, except in heritage trains.

Locomotives in India are classified by gauge, locomotion, the work they’re suited to and their power or model variety. Their four- or five-letter category name includes this data. the primary letter denotes the track gauge; the second their locomotion (diesel or electric), and also the third their appropriate traffic (goods, passenger, multi or shunting).

The fourth letter denotes a locomotive’s written record model variety. In 2002, a brand new classification was adopted during which the fourth letter indicates a more recent diesel locomotive’s hp range.

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