Best App Locks For Android Devices

10 Best Free App Locks For Android: Secure Your Phone For Free

There are various app locker software available in the play store that will help you securing your data and other stuffs . However, which is the best App locker for your phone, we will be letting you know the list of top 10 best locking android apps. Have a quick tour to the top 10 best app locks for your phone.

1. Applock by DoMobile Lab

Applock by DoMobile Lab

AppLock is a very popular Android lock app that is installed over 5 million times and preferred by a lots of users. You can use it to password protect any system and installed app on your phone and prevent unauthorized access. It also allows you to hide photos and videos from the gallery and save them in a private vault.

The app locker is free to download and use. You can unlock the pro premium features either by paying for the premium version via a donation.

2. AppLock by IvyMobile


AppLock by IvyMobile provides you to lock almost every application on your mobile phone or other device. In addition it will also helps you to secure your contacts, gallery, settings, email, etc. You can use a PIN or a pattern to lock your android applications.

The application even take a picture of imposter trying to access your phone by putting wrong password. It’s completely free to download and use and one of the best App locks for android phones.

3. Norton App Lock

Norton offers an ad-free Android app locker to lock your apps by a PIN or pattern or a fingerprint scanner. Apart from protecting your applications, it also allows you to secure your photos, and can capture pictures of intruders who tries wrong password or uninstalling the application.

Norton app lock also comes with a recommendations list of applications which should be locked. That’s a great tool for those who wants more handy approach.

4. App Lock: Fingerprint Password

App Lock: Fingerprint Password

App Lock: Fingerprint Password is a normal Android lock app that has a good user interface. You can protect your applications by using a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint scanner. There are other options for screen and rotation lock where you can add applications for locking their screen backlit and screen rotation.

One can download the application for free from play store and there is an in app purchase facility for all pro features.

5. Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock is another example one of the best applocks for android devices. It features all the basics, including support for secure WiFi, Bluetooth, and other toggles. Just like other lock applications, the built-in camera can take a photo of the imposter on three failed attempts.

The free and paid versions  of the application provide the exact same features, but there is advertising in free version.

6. Smart AppLock

smart app lock

Smart AppLock is a decent free applock for android devices. The application will secure your apps and photos, including your settings, toggles, and phone app. It shows itself as a lock screen.

Along with all the options, it also provides auto-start upon reboot, break-in alerts, delayed app locking, and it has fingerprint scanner also. Only cons. to the free version is ads.

7. SpSoft AppLock

SpSoft AppLock

SpSoft AppLock is a good option for applocks to protect your data. It enables password, pattern, and fingerprint unlocking. Like other applications, it’ll take a photo with front camera of people who try to get into your apps and fail.

The app also even keep your screen on when using few applications if you want and also supports over 30 languages. It is one of the best app lock available in play store.

8. AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker

AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker is another impressive apps locker for Android, which can also guard your private files. You can use the app to lock your mobile screen as well. It has a built-in file scanner, ram booster, and notification cleaner.

You can set a PIN or a pattern to create your password. You can also hide the pattern draw path that makes it invisible or display a shuffled keyboard while typing.

9. AppLocker by BGNmobi

AppLocker by BGNmobi

AppLocker by BGNmobi is overall a good app lock application. It does have most of the same features as other applock apps, That includes locking up apps, with fingerprint support as well as pattern unlock and a password unlock.

The application also comes with some customization options and it can prevent other users from uninstalling apps. The premium version of the application is very cheap in price.

10. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5

Smart launcher 5 is not only a launcher but also an app lock for android devices. The launcher hides applications you don’t want other people that you have. Additionally, if some one do find them, the apps are additionally protected with a PIN.

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List of Best App Locks For Android

  • Applock by DoMobile Lab
  • AppLock by IvyMobile
  • Norton App Lock
  • App Lock: Fingerprint Password
  • Perfect AppLock
  • Smart AppLock
  • SpSoft AppLock
  • AppLock – Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker
  • AppLocker by BGNmobi
  • Smart Launcher 5

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