Ganesh Chaturthi- The Biggest Festival In India

Ganesh Chaturthi 2019

Ganesh Chaturthi

2nd September 2019 (Monday)

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chaturithi is a Hindu festival to celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesh. Ganesh chaturthi  falls in the months of August or September and according to Hindu calendar it falls on  bhadrapada  shukla chaturthi (4th Day of waxing moon).

About Lord Ganesh:

  • Other Name: Vinayak, Ganpati, Ekadanta, Pillayiyar
  • Father: Lord Shiva
  • Mother: Mata Parvati
  • Siblings: Karthikeya, Sastha
  • Mount: Mouse
  • Weapons: Axe, Pasa, Ankusha

Ganesha conjointly called Ganpati, Vinayaka or by other different names, is one amongst the known and most loved deities within the Hindu pantheon. His image is found throughout Republic of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Thailand, island (Indonesia) and Bangladesh. Hindu denominations worship him in spite of affiliations. Devotion to Lord Ganesh is wide subtle and extends to Jains and Buddhists also.

Although he’s better-known by several other names, Ganesha’s elephant head makes him simple to spot. Lord Ganesh is wide revered because the remover of obstacles (Vighna harta), the patron of arts and sciences and also the deva of intellect and knowledge. because the god of beginnings, he’s honored at the beginning of rites and ceremonies. Lord Ganesh is additionally invoked as patron of letters and learning throughout writing sessions. many texts relate mythological anecdotes related to his birth and exploits.

The festival is marked with the installation of Ganesh  idols in private in homes, or in public on  pandals (stages). Observations embrace singing of Vedic hymns and Hindu texts like, prayers and fasting. Offerings and prasad from the daily prayers, that’s distributed from the pandal to the community, and sweets like modaka because it is believed to be a favorite of Lord Ganesh.

The festival ends on the tenth day or some times 11 day once begin,but tend to finish it by one and a half day wherever the idol is carried in a very public procession with music and cluster intonation, then immersed in a very near body of water like a stream or ocean. In Mumbai alone, around 150,000 or more idols are immersed annually.

Ganesh Sloka

ॐ गंगणपतये नमो नम:
श्री सिध्धीविनायक नमो नम:
अष्टविनायक नमो नम:
गणपती बाप्पा मोरया

Which Translate To

Om Gangnapatay Namo Namah:
Shri Siddhadinavinayak Namo Namah:
Ashtavinayak Namo Namah:
Ganpati Bappa Moraya

This marvelous celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi praises the introduction of the dearest Hindu elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesha, prominently venerated for his capacity to evacuate snags and bring favorable luck. The celebration is praised in an open way. Nearby people group rival each other to set up the most noteworthy Ganesha statue and show. Anticipate extremely jam-packed boulevards, loaded up with disorderly fans, and bunches of music.

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival Dates

The celebration happens late August or early September, contingent upon the cycle of the moon. The festival is celebrated on the fourth day after the new moon in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. In 2019, Ganesh Chaturthi happens on Monday, September 2. The celebration stretches out more than 11 days with the greatest scene occurring on the most recent day called Anant Chaturdashi day, which falls on September 12, 2019.

Where is it Celebrated?

The celebration is generally celebrated in the territory of Maharashtra, where it began as an open celebration in the city of Pune over 125 years back. Despite the fact that there is banter over who begun it there (Sardar Krishnaji Khasgiwale, opportunity warrior Bhausaheb Rangari or opportunity contender Lokmanya Tilak), its principle reason for existing was to bring individuals of various classes and positions together to join them against the British guideline. The icon at Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati sanctuary in Budhwar Peth is exceptionally prevalent and chronicled. The happiness of the festival has spread to different states including Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.

Perhaps the best spot to encounter the celebration is in Mumbai. It happens in an exceptional manner at the transcending Siddhivinayak sanctuary, arranged in the focal south Mumbai neighborhood of Prabhadevi, which is devoted to Lord Ganesha. An endless number of lovers visit the sanctuary to participate in supplications and offer their regards to God during the celebration. Moreover, around 10,000 statues of Lord Ganesh are shown in different areas over the city. The parade and drenching of the statues on the most recent day are epic!

How is Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrated

The celebration starts with the establishment of enormous intricately created rules of Ganesha in homes and platform, which have been exceptionally built and delightfully adorned. Craftsmans put a very long time of exertion into making the statues. It’s prohibited to take a gander at the moon on this first night as legend had it the moon snickered at Lord Ganesha when he tumbled from his vehicle, the rodent. On Ananta Chaturdasi (the most recent day), the statues are strutted through the lanes, joined by much singing and moving, and afterward inundated in the sea or different waterways.

The celebration starts with the establishment of perfectly made statues of Ganesha in pandals or on an extravagantly beautified stage called mandaps in homes or shops. Petitions, reverential reciting and sustenance contributions (normally coconut, jaggery, and modaks – a sweet dumpling accepted to be Ganesha’s preferred nourishment) are made to the symbol on every one of the 10 days. Numerous enthusiasts likewise will in general quick during this period.

On the most recent day (Anant Chaturdashi), the dirt models of Ganesha are strutted through the boulevards, joined by singing and moving, before being broken down in the ocean or stream. This custom alluded to as Ganesha Visarjan, is completed to restore the components back to nature since the symbols are made of dirt. In Mumbai alone, in excess of 150,000 statues are inundated every year.

It’s one of the city’s greatest and most foreseen celebrations of the year. In excess of 200,000 icons of Lord Ganesh will be venerated and inundated in water over the 10 days of the celebration. Craftsmen are occupied non stop at workshops in south Mumbai’s Lalbaug locale, as it’s a race against time to get every one of the symbols wrapped up.

The work concentrated procedure of handcrafting the Lord has been continuing for around a quarter of a year. It includes specific abilities, passed on from age to age, and laborers originate from to the extent Bihar to help.

What Rituals are Performed in Ganesh Chaturthi?

When a statue of Lord Ganesh is introduced, a function is attempted to conjure his heavenly nearness into the statue. This custom is known as the Pran Pratishtha Puja, during which various mantras are presented. Following this, an exceptional love function is performed. Contributions of desserts, blooms, rice, coconut, jaggery, and coins are made to God.

The statue is additionally blessed with red Chandan powder. Supplications are offered to Lord Ganesha consistently during the celebration. Sanctuaries committed to Lord Ganesha sort out extraordinary occasions and petitions.

The individuals who have a Ganesha statue in their home treat and care for him as a much-adored visitor.

For what reason are the Ganesh Statues Immersed in Water toward the End of the Festival?

Hindus revere symbols, or statues, of their divine beings, since it gives them a noticeable structure to petition. They perceive that the universe is in a consistent condition of progress. Structure inevitably offers away to indistinctness. Be that as it may, the vitality still remains. The submersion of the statues in the sea, or different waterways, and ensuing pulverization of them fills in as a token of this conviction.

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