Mahalaya 2019


Sat, 28 September, 2019

Mahalaya is significant because it is said that on the day of Mahalaya Maa Durga starts her journey towards the earth to kill Mahishasur was a king with the head of a buffalo. Mahalaya will fall on saturday 28th September 2019.

According to Hindu mythology, Mahishasur was granted a wish from Lord Brahma that no man or animal can kill him. He was thrilled with the power of partial immortality he attacked common people as well as gods with the help of his army. So all the gods like, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar (Lord Shiva) combined their power and gave birth to Maa Durga to kill Mahishasur.

She is that the warrior goddess, whose mythology centres around combating evils and evil forces that threaten peace, prosperity and Dharma of the good.Maa Durga is that the fierce sort of the protecting mother goddess, willing to unleash her anger against wrong, violence for liberation and destruction to empower creation.

How Mahalaya is Celebrated?

Mahalaya Amavasya is marked by decoratively designed statues of deity Durga. people can carry the sculpture of the deity to their homes. The statues are even originated in festooned plinths referred to as pandals. Ancestors shall be remembered on the day. Devotees shall supply wild horse in remembrance of their ancestors. tarpan must be offered while fasting on the bank of holy river Ganga. Devotees ought to break fast when finishing the rituals.

Other significance Of Mahalaya

Mahalaya additionally marks the end of Pitru Paksha, a sixteen day period when Hindus pay respect to their ancestors. Pitru Paksha is taken into account by Hindus to be inauspicious, given the death rite performed throughout the ceremony, referred to as Shraddha. In southern and western India, it falls within the second paksha Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada and follows the two weeks in soon after the Ganesha chaturthi

Mahalaya As a Public Holiday

Mahalaya is a public holiday in states like West bengal, Assam, Odisha and Tripura and one of the most celebrated festival in these states as well.

Future Dates Of Mahalaya Celebration

2021 Wed, Oct 6

2020 Tue, Sep 15

2019 Sat, Sep 28

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