Best Sambalpuri Songs

Every year, the hundreds of number of sambalpuri songs are made. So it is very important to regularly remember and acknowledge the good sambalpuri song made by the singers and music producers.

The following is a list of songs that were very famous and a wide cult following across sambalpur and western odisha. So here is the list of top 10 sambalpuri song of all time.

1. Rangabati

Sambalpuri singer jitendra haripal
Rangabati singer Jitendra haripal

Rangabati is one of the most popular recorded song in Odisha and most famous sambalpuri song. Male singer Jitendra Haripal of this song has received Padma shri award in year 2017. The song was 1st recorded for All India Radio within the mid-1970s. when it’s getting popularity, a company from kolkata Indian Record manufacturing Company Ltd, recorded the song in 1976. The disc release was delayed as a result of some dispute and eventually, it absolutely was released in 1978–79.

The song got official recognition because it was compete within the tableau of Odisha as a part of the Indian Republic Day celebration in New Delhi in 2007. The chief singer Jitendra Haripal was felicitated by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik later that year. The song has additionally been used because the cheer song during an international cricket match in Barabati stadium. “Rangabati” was recreated in several alternative languages of India and has been recreated in Telugu for a feature film.

2. Dalkhai

Dalkhai is the most popular folk dance as well as one of the most popular sambalpuri song. As the song is composed by unknown artist but widely popular across the western odisha.Dalkhai performed in various cultural festivals such as Phagun Puni, Nuakhai, Bhaijiuntia, etc. The Song and dance is performed in mostly Sambalpur, Balangir, Sundargarh, Bargarh, Nuapada and Kalahandi districts of odisha.

Link Of Dalkhai Video Performed by a group:

3. Rasarkeli

Rasarkeli also one of the most popular sambalpuri song as well as a folk dance across the western odisha. Rasarkeli is performed in various functions across the western odisha and in various festivals like nuakhai bhetghat and other.

Link of Rasarkeli Song and Dance Performance:

4. Mailajada

Composed by unknown Mailajada is one of the most popular sambalpuri song famous across the sambalpur, bargarh, bolangir and nuapada district of odisha. Mailajada is also a folk dance that is performed at various events. Due to higher popularity this is no doubt one of the best sambalpuri song.

5. Hai Gori tor Lachki chali

Hai Gori tor Lachki chali one of the famous and most watched sambalpuri song released by samrat music company. The song became a cult hit just after its release and one can here in many functions across western odisha

6. Sambalpuria babu

Samlbapuria babu is another famous sambalpuri song by singer Mantu chhuria and lyrics by Amulya Dansana and the music was composed by Rehankamal. The song got more than 20 million views on youtube and with 82,000 likes.

Link of Sambalpuriaa  babu song:

7. Feel My love

Feel my Love is one of the evergreen sambalpuri song by Uma, Once a most popular sambalpuri singer. Soon after the release of the song it get famous in no time because of its off beat music and popularity of Uma. 

Link of Unofficial Video:

8. Mahula Jhare Barasila Pani

Another famous sambalpuri song by padma shree Jitendra haripal Mahula jhare barasila pani is one among the best sambalpuri song. The song is very famous across the western odisha and that is why we ranked is number eight in the list of top 10 best sambalpuri song .

9. Sor Paduchhe mor Sambalpur

Sor Paduchhe mor Sambalpur is one of the few sambalpuri song sang by a group of famous sambalpuri singer Jitendra Haripal,Kishore Bag,Shantanu,Dillip Bag, Uma,Rabi,Jagat,Bali,Krushnamukhi. Music was composed by Bhakta Prasad barik and lyrics by Jatindra Pradhan. The song is no doubt one of the best and 9th in the list of top 10 best sambalpuri song of all time.

10. Relagadi

Ralagadi chuku chuku is sang by umakant Barik one of the most famous sambalpuri singer. Relagadi is number 10 in the list of top 10 best sambalpuri song of all time.

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